Pictura Gallery

Gallery Booth Number 106. HFAF 2014.

Phone (812) 336-0000

James Nakagawa, Gama #008, 2010, Pigment Inkjet Print, 40" x 60"
James Nakagawa, Gama #008, 2010, Pigment Inkjet Print, 40″ x 60″

122 W. 6th Street
Bloomington, IN 47401
United States

Gallery Staff:
David and Martha Moore, Owners; Lauren Kniss, Gallery Director, Mia Dalglish, Co-Curator + Exhibitions Director; Lisa Woodward, Curator.

Gallery Description:
Pictura is a commercial gallery that also serves as a photographic center in Bloomington, Indiana. The gallery is committed to expanding the international photographic fine art market in the Midwest and specializes in contemporary work that has strong formal sensibility and conceptual framework. Pictura has a reputation for its nuanced exhibits and has come into the public eye as a thoughtful new venue for emerging and established artists.

Artists Represented:
James Nakagawa, David Magnusson, Conner Green

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